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Drive a policy reform for racial equality in the workplace – Fox Valley, Appleton, Menasha, Greenbay, Oshkosh, Fondulac

  • Client : Wisconsin Area
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  • Location : Wisconsin

Project Info

Racial Equality in a Workplace

PCI to Conduct internal research to identify areas of possible bias: Organizations need to determine what metrics can be used to measure change, and then make small changes (called “bias interrupters”) to curb the effects of unconscious bias in a workplace

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For example, It could begin with small steps like rewriting job descriptions, using software (rather than human judgment) to screen applicants, or rethinking criteria for performance evaluations. Employers and employee representatives should also examine whether individual instances of racism contribute to the reproduction of racial inequality at a structural level, particularly in terms of disparities in levels of pay and bonuses, as well as discrimination in recruitment and inequalities in rates of promotion

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This project if mainly for minorities

Project Result & Benefits

This will help to Draw up a policy framework ina workplace that includes a strong recruitment agenda for organizations to eliminate the unemployment faced by the ethnic groups based on their color or creed.