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Youth-focused project working to train innovative thinkers in a variety of skills and lead them into the realm of social entrepreneurship

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Project Info


In the year 2020, YELP is aimed at contributing to the empowerment of young people of Liberia, Nigeria, & the USA  with bright ideas and a willingness to become leaders & change-makers of the future. We have high hopes that this project will help enable the participants to grow – as individuals, as change-makers, and as entrepreneurs.

Our Plans

The 2020 YELP initiative is a part of the effort to strengthen the ongoing economic uplift of this small African nation. YELP hopes to bring to the fore some bright new ideas that can respond to the current environmental, economic, and social challenges in Liberia. In an effort to support the local economy, young entrepreneurs can become the key to societal change that also contributes to economic uplift.

Since 2020, our team of professional trainers has been working to provide young people with the necessary skills and learning to push their dreams of changing the world, one step closer to becoming a reality

Team Involved

In connection with YOCE Liberia

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For more information: 920-509-2270


You must be between  16 – 30 years old to be eligible.


YELP offers the opportunity to take our online training courses, to help create a sustainable business model from your social project idea. You will gain valuable insights into improving your ideas and even learn a trick or two, which can be helpful to change or upgrade your existing projects just as well.