Education is Our Legacy

Education is the best legacy as we all know, that is why PCI is ready to set up a great academic background in various communities to help children have a standard education. We believe that educated people contribute positively to any community and if these children get the proper education, they will, in turn, be more active and responsive to any and every training we render to them.

We Support Our Children

Knowledge is vital, education is key, and PCI is willing to provide this platform for every child in needy communities.

We support our children with uniforms, books, and other provisions that will enhance growth.

We Plan to Succeed

We reach out to other organizations to support us. We look for data insights in to make decisions

You Can Join Us

Volunteers are needed to help with service projects, big or small. Service managers can be contacted by this number: 920-509-2270.

Feel good knowing you helped someone achieve their goals and dreams – you can become a volunteer today