Developing the Next Generation Health Systems

The coronavirus has launched providers into new
world of virtual healthcare

How do we ensure that minorities are not left behind in terms of access to care and quality of service? PCI will work with organizations to ensure their missions are fulfilled. No group should be left behind here. We will rise to  all the challenges coordinate engagement between our community and the health sectors

Digital Health Transformation

For most patients, and for healthy patients, in particular, primary care will predominantly comprise digital self-management, virtual care, and, only when necessary, visits to urgent care centers or testing stations for lab samples. The days of requiring “routine physician office visits” for mostly well consumers are over. This is quoted by bdc advisors

What Do You Think?

PCI takes a prevention-driven approach to health; we support policy, systems, and environmental change strategies in geographically-defined areas. We provide educational resources, professional development and networking opportunities that help expand knowledge and enhance performance in achieving community health goals.