Youth Entrepreneurship Program

The Youth Empowerment & Leadership Program (YELP) is part of Pointters Communitive Initiative to support young people to become change-makers in their respective communities. It is a youth-focused project working to train innovative thinkers in a variety of skills and lead them into the realm of social entrepreneurship. We believe in the power of young minds and how the best ideas may spring out of an impulse, no matter how far-fetched it may seem.

Since 2020 (please verify the year) our team of professional trainers has been working to provide young people with the necessary skills and learning to push their dreams of changing the world, one step closer to becoming a reality

The Project: YELP

In the year 2020, YELP is aimed at contributing to the empowerment of young people of Liberia, with bright ideas and a willingness to become leaders & change-makers of the future. We have high hopes that this project will help enable the participants to grow – as individuals, as change-makers, and as entrepreneurs.

Program Objectives

The 2021 YELP initiative is a part of the effort to strengthen the ongoing economic uplift of this small African nation. YELP hopes to bring to the fore some bright new ideas that can respond to the current environmental, economic, and social challenges in Liberia. In an effort to support the local economy, young entrepreneurs can become the key to societal change that also contributes to economic uplift.

Who Can Participate?

The project has been developed for selected youth between 18-35 years of age from the region. However, entries are open to everyone in the US and beyond, through an online registration and submission process. The project is especially rewarding for young people who have an entrepreneurial spirit or a project idea. However, the most important prerequisite for participation is the passion and motivation to become a change-maker and a self-employed professional.

Expected Outcome

The program is designed in a way that participants will emerge out of the training with improved workplace skills – such as creativity, innovation, team building, project management, problem-solving and value-based leadership.

The support and mentoring provided in the program ensure, that the social project ideas are designed for the context in which they are supposed to be implemented, which in the YELP 2020s case is economic and social empowerment of Liberian Youth. This structure bridges the intergenerational divide between Liberian youth and their counterparts in the public and private sector; playing its small part in paving the way for sustainable economic growth, youth empowerment, and ultimately a propitious future.

How it Works

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program is divided into 2 phases: An online Training Course and an entrepreneurship award program.

Phase 1: The Online Training Course

The first phase of the project is a 4-week long (please verify the duration here) Virtual Training Course. Selected applicants will receive a comprehensive training course that employs Classroom Lectures, Workshops, Webinars/seminars, business counseling, and mentorship. Attending the Youth Entrepreneurship program enables you to take advantage of the following features.

  • Offline Lectures: if you are too busy to attend a regular course, you can always make use of our offline course and take the classes at your convenience
  • Business Counselling & mentorship: From some of the most competent instructors, willing to share their precious knowledge.
  • Entrepreneurship Award: Each year a young entrepreneur is given the golden opportunity to win a good amount of seed money for their entrepreneurial business plan.

Phase 2: Award program

Throughout the training, the participants will develop prototypes for social businesses that directly respond to their communities’ most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. Once the training is completed, selected Social Entrepreneurship ideas from our young minds will compete for prize money of  100 USD that can prove to be the seed money for their social startup idea. The ideas will be judged by a panel of experts based on various merits like practicality, impact factor, social demand, and profit projections.

Find Out More

You can find the complete details of our Award program Selection Process HERE. (Link to selection tab)

Entrepreneurship Award Opportunities

YELP : A Step Towards Empowering the Youth and students

YELP project will be introduced in Fox valley and 5 locations for the first time since its inception. YELP is an initiative of Pointers Community Initiative (PCI);


YELP offers the opportunity to take our online training courses, to help create a sustainable business model from your social project idea. You will gain valuable insights into improving your ideas and even learn a trick or two, which can be helpful to change or upgrade your existing projects just as well.

Mission and Vision

The primary objective of YELP is to equip our trainees with tactical skills and understanding of social entrepreneurship, to explore new opportunities that can provide solutions to environmental, economic and social needs of their communities; at the same time becoming a part of a world community that affects change, no matter how infinitesimal. And we aim to achieve our goals through the following fundamentals.

Inspiring the Spark

Turn your passion into a profession, and learning into earning. For years we have inspired myriads of students to explore their potential and become a beacon of hope for their communities.

Providing Opportunities

YELP is a rigorous academic course with practical exercises that help you establish a social entrepreneurship startup even before you’ve graduated. Under the guidance of your experienced and competent instructors, you can be sure to avoid the rookie mistakes they made.

Instilling Self-belief

Our Youth Entrepreneurship Program has a special focus on cultivating self-belief in our students. Because even when you don’t believe in yourselves, we discern that anyone who desires to be a change-maker, already is a change maker.

Selection Process

Please go through the selection process in detail:

  • Age Bracket: YELP is a project specifically developed for people between 18-35 years of age.
  • Geographical Location: We are inviting project ideas so it is expected that young people from Fox Valley and other locations with an insight into the country’s situation will arise. However, we are accepting entries from other parts of the world just as well. Ideas will be selected based on their merit and not just from someone being from Fox valley and othe locations
  • Pre-requisites: The project is especially rewarding for young people with an entrepreneurial spirit or a project idea, but the most important prerequisite for participating is the motivation to become a change-maker.
  • Initial Training: During the first round a group of 30 young people will be selected to attend the online training course.
  • Project Development: The trainees will then develop innovative social enterprises and projects that will be able to contribute to Fox Valley’s ongoing efforts for economic improvement.
  • Pitching the Project: All 30 candidates will be given a good equal opportunity to present their project idea, its research, impact, and business model to the reviewing committee. The live pitching will be done through a virtual conference.
  • Judges’ Panel Review: A panel of 5 judges will be assembled as a Reviewing Committee. These 5 judges will be experts in the field of entrepreneurship, economics, research, and other related areas. The concepts presented by the participants will be thoroughly reviewed and judged on their merits and demerits.
  • Final Section: After a competitive review and assessment of the projects presented, our Judges’ panel will score and finalize the top 3 ideas. These top three concepts will be eligible to receive a small startup capital. Prize money of 100 to 200 USD
  • Transparency: Throughout the process, transparency will be ensured by installing a monitoring team that would monitor the entire process. The monitoring team will comprise individuals from Pointters Communitive Initiative.
  • The Invaluable Insights Gained: Throughout the process, the participants will be supported and mentored by experts from the public and the private sector and other young change-makers.


If you are between 18 and 35 years of age and have a winning business idea that can provide some social solutions, we would love to have you on board. Fill in your details in the form below and become a part of a world community that affects change.

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Submit your social project idea today and give yourself a chance to win 100 USD.  Your idea should be complete and grounded in facts, research, and studies. Your idea must also have a good impact factor.

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