Dimeji Tomori

CEO & Founder
As a leader, I lead my team to deliver operational excellence, programs, continuous improvement, and effective transformation that result into innovation, customer value, better quality of life and people engagement for companies that make the world a better place
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    17 Years
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    Appleton WI, USA
Experience 92%
Development 75%
Engineering 80%
Advisory 60%

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Dimeji is a passionate leader who loves to make positive difference in the community. He is an African American who has an extensive knowledge in community development, IT program management, entrepreneurship, business strategy & operational management.

Dimeji has delivered operational excellence, programs, continuous improvement, and effective transformation that resulted into innovation, customer value, better quality of life and employee engagement for companies like GE, HP, & Johnson Controls (3 fortune 500 companies). He has 17 years of experience in Information Technology.

Dimeji is involved in a number of corporate and not-for-profit Board of Directors amongst which are: Appleton Police Department Advisory Board, Pointters freelance application, Pointters Community Initiatives, and Generation of Champions RCCG. He is a member of Outagamie County Census Committee 2020 and a council member of United Way Fox cities. He is currently the pastor of Generation of Champions RCCG here in Appleton.

He is the founder of PCI – Pointters Community Initiatives that supports programs like racial equality in the workplace, and food health initiative for minority women and children.

He has Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Concordia University Wisconsin and an executive education certificate from Harvard University. He is husband, dad, speaker, storyteller and passionate minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

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