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Pointters Community Initiatives (PCI) is a 501c3 community & nonprofit organization. PCI was incorporated in 2017. We are dedicated to empowering African Americans, refugees, immigrants and other minorities through comprehensive workforce development and fostering mental health and well-being.

We are committed to fostering inclusivity and equality, striving to eliminate barriers that hinder the path to success for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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Africans, Americans, Refugees, and immigrants benefited in our vaccination program


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Workforce Development
Empowering Opportunities for Minorities
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Mental health
Providing Wellness Programs for Youth & Women
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Business Development
Creating Economic Opportunities for Minority Groups
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Congratulations to Ben Vallafsky.

We are excited to share Ben Vallafsky’s story! Ben participated in our Academic and Career Empowerment (ACE) program for two years and engaged in many hands-on career workshops in various fields to learn about different career options. Ben acquired many skillsets through our mentoring program that led him to a successful high school graduation.

Denium Potts – Amazing Story

Denium Potts was a junior in high school when he first participated in PCI’s Academic Career Empowerment (ACE) program. While attending our program, he participated in the business workshop with officers from the Appleton Police Department, who created a hands-on workshop to show students the work and methods of a Law Enforcement career.

This opened up a new insight for Denium, as he had never considered the police a valid career path. The workshop provided him with a fascinating insight, and he is looking towards building a career in Law Enforcement using the experiences he gained from PCI’s ACE program. Denius Denium is currently in St. Roberts College, studying business administration.

The workshop provided Denium insight into the various aspects of a career in the law enforcement field. Using this experience, Denium enrolled in the business administration program at St. Roberts College.

Soccer Without Boundaries

Soccer Without Boundaries comprises ~100 refugee players who work together to create a sense of belonging, foster positive relationships, and build an inclusive community. We believe these are essential elements to promote a healthy and supportive environment.

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We are in the NEWS

Fox 11 News – Around 100 freshmen and sophomores from Appleton-area high schools attended the Academic and Career Empowerment program – a program that prepares students for the workforce.

The program is hosted by Pointters Community Initiatives, a non-profit organization made to create opportunities for minorities.

Together We Rise
Driving Solutions for Refugees & Immigrants

PCI Partners with Many School Districts! Thank You for Being so Supportive!

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Thanks to OT and the team for their support with my employment. Pointters team are good people, and they are ready to work

Archie C

Thank you, Pointters Community Initiatives, for helping me with my resume

Modupe Akinpelu

Pointters has been supporting me with counseling- I appreciate the team there…

Latrina A

Pointters provides mentoring for me in my career. They are very dependable