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About Pointters Community Initiatives

Together, we work towards a future where everyone can access the resources and opportunities needed to
shape a more prosperous and stable life regardless of their background.

Pointters Community Initiatives (PCI) is a 501c3 community & nonprofit organization. PCI was incorporated in 2017. We are dedicated to empowering African Americans, refugees, immigrants, and other minorities through comprehensive workforce development and fostering mental health and well-being.

We are committed to fostering inclusivity and equality, striving to eliminate barriers that hinder the path to success for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

We provide opportunities for minority youth to optimally prepare for college and living wage employment opportunities.

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We Are Committed & Dedicated To Inspiring Excellence
And Greatness With A Purpose.

Mission Statement

Ensure minorities have easy access to resources and programs that create better economic opportunities, stability, and quality of life.

Vision Statement

Build a more equitable community where everyone has the chance to thrive.

Core Values

We measure ourselves with critical values to ensure the high performance and effectiveness of our program.


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PCI Story

2017, pci started a grassroots campaign supporting immigrants and families. In 2019, the pci founder lost his job because of covid. He started to look for a job, applying many times to multiple jobs in the area, but he kept getting denied and was not allowed to occupy a role,

While he was going through these struggles of finding a job, he started to realize the challenges and adversities that black african americans and other minorities pass through before they can establish themselves in a community.

Out of this realization, the idea of Pointters Community Initiatives was born. PCI was created to build a community that is more inclusive, & equitable in the Fox Valley through advancing social change & racial equity.

Over time PCI founder used his leadership and unity skills to bring together the minorities and challenge the system. He grasped every opportunity he could for the nonprofit organization building it into what it is today. This is the story and the birth of PCI.

Success Story

We are creating change.


We need everyone to participate


We rise together

Our Focus

Our top priority is YOU


Thanks to OT and the team for their support with my employment. Pointters team are good people, and they are ready to work

Archie C

Thank you, Pointters Community Initiatives, for helping me with my resume

Modupe Akinpelu

Pointters has been supporting me with counseling- I appreciate the team there…

Latrina A

Pointters provides mentoring for me in my career. They are very dependable