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Mental Health Program

We all know that Mental Health is a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It involves the individual’s ability to handle stress, relate to others, make choices, and manage emotions. Mental Health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

Supporting mental health for minority groups involves addressing unique challenges and ensuring access to culturally competent care

HERS Group

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HERS is our designated safe space for minority women to discuss struggles in life.

Mental Health

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Social Connections

Learn how social connection can lead to stronger mental health and an overall improved well-being

Well Done - Latrina!

Latrina Autry has had a rough time and has found ways to improve herself. When she reached out to PCI, Latrina was struggling with life challenges and, more importantly, was suffering from feelings of loneliness and depression. PCI immediately stepped in and provided peer counseling, mentoring, and family support within a safe space.

Through PCI Peer Support program, Latrina has found herself getting better. She’s happier, feels relatively safer, and always looks for opportunities to be with PCI. This includes routinely volunteering at our many events and programs. Latrina would ask PCI what she could do to help, and even if PCI didn’t have something immediate for her to do, she would always find something to help.

Because of her progress with herself, Latrina wishes to support women like her in the community. She has reached out to many members of her church group and the community and is partnering with PCI to create a program to provide women with a safe place to talk and express their struggles. Latrina has been a forefront believer in the Tea Talk and Mental Health programs and the good they can do for the community.

We are happy for Latrina’s improved well-being and greatly thank her for continuing support and efforts for PCI as an organization.

Congratulations Archie

Archie Colbert was a man with a roller coaster life. Originally born in Milwaukee, he moved to Chicago when he was ten and stayed there for about a year. Eventually, he and his family moved to Hampton, Virginia, where Archie would attend school before joining the military. But things turned for the worse for Archie when, as a young kid, he ended up “on the streets,” where he made some bad decisions. At one point, his life choices ended up making Archie homeless and incarcerated. His actions also led to struggles with mental health and affected his ability to get a job.

But Archie never chooses to let these moments weigh him down. His time on the streets has taught him many valuable life lessons, including not being a follower of other people to the wrong side of life. Instead, he learned to embrace himself and work hard to improve.

Pointers Community Initiatives helped to provide Archie with job opportunities, allowing him to participate in our various mentoring programs and begin his own cleaning business. PCI has also assisted Archie with improving his financial standing, providing him with resources to help him continue to work and live comfortably, as well as mentoring for his mental health struggles and life choices.

Through our help, Archie is now employed and making a name for himself and his new business. Archie has also started a “Kingz in Power” men’s support group with PCI.


Thanks to OT and the team for their support with my employment. Pointters team are good people, and they are ready to work

Archie C

Thank you, Pointters Community Initiatives, for helping me with my resume

Modupe Akinpelu

Pointters has been supporting me with counseling- I appreciate the team there…

Latrina A

Pointters provides mentoring for me in my career. They are very dependable