Career Focus Group – CFP

Career Focused Program is a PCI Workforce development session designed basically for black and minority students within the Fox Valley Area to prepare for future careers and opportunities. The program will provide students with the relevant skills and training needed to capture the future opportunities that await them.

African American workers still face more hurdles to get a job, never mind a good one, than. They continue to face systematically higher unemployment rates, fewer job opportunities, lower pay, poorer benefits, and greater job instability. These persistent differences reflect systematically

IVY Mentoring Group - IMG

We are starting a new mentoring program that will help minority students or business folks take the next steps in their careers and business.

We are looking for mentors. The primary requirement is a desire to share knowledge and experience with a student or individual who is ready to enter the business world.

Diversity Score Program – DSP

PCI brings diversity culture to every aspect of  Recruiting Plan. We are working with the organization to start cultivating a Diverse, Equitable, And Inclusive Workplace.

Most recruiters and managers would agree that a diverse team helps companies be more innovative, and creative and achieve better results. You don’t even have to look at the stats (of which there are many) to know intuitively that diversity recruiting contributes to better overall performance.

Skilled & Professional Training

Pointters Community Initiatives strives to fill this gap by creating skilled training that is unique, productive, and welcoming to our Black students. This training will come through our CFP program 

  • Students will learn to write resume-building, and cover letters
  • Students will learn interview skills and preparation for future employment
  • Students receive needed support for a new entrepreneurial career path 
  • Students will have the required skills and training needed to get to the next career
  • Students will have access to mentors and leaders for guidance
  • Students will  meet also have opportunities to meet employers