Mental Health Among African American Men

December 25 2023BlogNo Comments »

In the United States, one in every five people struggle with a mental illness in any given year. Depression is arguably one of the most common ones, affecting 17 million individuals each year. For African American men, however, it doesn’t end there. Reportedly, African-American men are 20% more likely to have severe psychological distress compared to white men. Plus, when it comes to getting the treatment, African Americans are only able to get less than half of them compared to white men.

These numbers are concerning, but they are understandable. African American communities sadly do not get the same resources that white communities do. Often, lower incomes mean that African Americans can’t afford their treatments when they need them, and racial biases and stigmas from generations ago have made African Americans cautious and untrusting of the healthcare system.

So, what can we do to combat this crisis? The most robust and effective solution is providing educational resources to individuals and families. These resources should provide them with places to go for help and personal advice for self-affirmation care and support. Alongside these resources should also be direct communication. Providing a safe space to talk and air out grievances can do wonders for alleviating mental health concerns, as it helps make the individuals feel like they are not alone.

PCI is dedicated to improving the mental health of the African American Community. For more information about our mental health initiatives, visit our web page for mental health or contact us at and (920) 572-7375.

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